What We Do

Onsite and Virtual Injury Prevention

Our FIT Pro Specialists are the licensed and certified experts you need to halt injury progression. The following services are provided: 

Early Symptom Intervention is a service emphasizing early signs and symptoms of discomfort and physical strain. It is proactive, not reactive. It is a First Aid level of care that is non-recordable. Techniques are personalized to each employee and focus on job training, symptom guidance & first aid.

FIT Pro Coaching is a service designed to address and prevent the progression of physical issues. The goal is to enable your teams to work at their most efficient, improve productivity, and reduce injury risks. 

Return to Work Services is for employees that have been off work due to a Workers’ Compensation or personal injury.  Modifications to return to work are often prescribed by the physician. Our FIT Pro Specialists are licensed Physical Therapists and Certified Ergonomists. We are industry specialists. A clear and defined program of Return to Work can improve outcomes, reduce claim severity, and improve morale for both the injured worker and the work culture. Keeping employees working is what we do. 

Injury Prevention Training/ OSHA requirements. Our FIT Pro Specialists create materials that are relevant to employees health and safety goals or specific to trends that can improve outcomes. Topics relate ergonomics to decrease severity and frequency of claims. Additional prevention often includes manager training, department training, or specific OSHA required training such as MIPP (Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program) for Housekeepers.

Wellness & Lifestyle Programs are designed to improve onsite health and safety culture, promote team building, and to create solutions affecting your employees’ wellness and lifestyle goals. Past programs have included cardiovascular challenges, weight management, strength and performance enhancement, and scheduled exercise classes for use during breaks.