Serving hospitality, materials handling, warehouse, ports and other service industries.

What We Do

Empower Ergonomics & Health provides prevention, safety and wellness solutions for industries and individuals. We specialize in hospitality, port, materials handling and other service industries. Our targeted evaluation, training and Return to Work services will improve your bottom line and improve employee satisfaction. We have a proven record in reducing employee injuries and company Workers Compensation costs. We keep employees FIT for work through injury prevention and symptom guidance. We assist with claim management and employee task performance via communication with the medical team, employer and employee. Our lifestyle and wellness program builds a healthy connection between work and life.

Why We Do It

We prioritize prevention, we aim to keep employees working, and we save companies money. Unsafe practices, poor ergonomics, and limited training with minimal follow-up result in Workers Compensation claims. Increased severity and frequency of claims increase insurance costs, affect employee retention, decrease morale, and reduce profits. Let us help you empower your employees to work at their best.

Our Process

Evaluate. Educate. Elevate. We evaluate what is needed to reach your unique goals, we educate your employees, and we elevate your employees to reach improved safety, efficiency and job satisfaction.


Why Us

25 years of experience in the Bay Area. Our FIT Pro Specialists are Licensed Physical Therapists and Certified Ergonomists. We know the job tasks, we are experts in the field. Through years of onsite work experience and program development, we find solutions.

Our Solution

Functional Integrated Training. Through ergonomics, we evaluate work systems and training at a department or individual level with the goal of:

  • Lowered costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Better product quality
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Stronger safety culture
  • Meets OSHA requirements

Our Mission is to Empower People to Live and Work at Their Best

Our Licensed Physical Therapists and Certified Ergonomists have over 25 years of experience in the Bay Area.


Let’s start with the challenges. Are we looking at an individual, department, or site. Factors we consider when evaluating your specific needs include review of the severity and frequency of your worker’s compensation claims and injury reports. We assess training and follow up programs. We review retention. We evaluate your safety program and onboarding.


Functional Integrated Training. Educating people on the what, why, and how to work safely AND at their best is what we do. The physical, cognitive and organizational aspects of the job are reviewed. Exceptional training on the best methods for getting the job done, often while the job is getting done, is our integrated training model.


Empower your employees to make the best decisions. Elevate performance with FIT coaching. Enhance the work environment, productivity and business operations. Improve retention. Engage employees and enhance social responsibility. Improve compliance with laws and regulations. Reduce injury risks, reduce costs.

We prioritize prevention, keep employees working, saving you money.

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